Cultural Carriers and Urban Microcosms-圖片

Cultural Carriers and Urban Microcosms

Nothing spells city life better than public transportation.

Curator / Jack Huang

Updated at 2024-03-31

With distinctive speeds and perspectives, different forms of public transport take people on unique journeys of urban rediscovery.

Public transport can be seen as a city in and of itself. Constantly in motion, these technology-driven and culture-developing cities digest the jostle of commuters and travelers alike.


Before the launch of Taoyuan Metro, public bicycles, anddemand-responsive rural buses Happy Vans, few could have anticipated the disruptive potential that services would have on the cityscape. Years ago, such transformations seemed unimaginable.

The development of the Aerotropolis has sparked innovative growth around the Taoyuan International Airport, and soon, urban public transportation will undergo comprehensive electrification, undoubtedly driving the emergence of a brand-new urban aesthetic.

Street Marvels: Penang Trishaws Commemorative Ornament-圖片

Street Marvels: Penang Trishaws Commemorative Ornament

Penang's trishaws are starkly different from those in Taiwan. In Penang, operators are at the back of the trishaw while the passengers sit in a well-decorated passenger cabin at the front facing the road.
Penang's trishaws evolved from early rickshaws brought by Indian immigrants. They were once the primary mode of transportation for daily activities in Penang. However, they gradually gave way to buses and taxis. Today, Penang's trishaws have transformed into tourist vehicles, leisurely guiding visitors through the bustling streets and alleys.


Gifted by Lay Hock Peng, Special Coordinating Officer to the Chief Minister of Penang, Penang State Government
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Street Marvels: Philippines Jeepney Painting & Ornament-圖片

Street Marvels: Philippines Jeepney Painting & Ornament

The vehicle in the picture is a jeepney, sometimes called jeeps. They are minibus-like public utility vehicles, serving as the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. Jeepneys have their windows, rear doors, and even side doors removed, replaced with handrails and railings to accommodate dozens of passengers. The bodies of the jeepneys are repainted in vibrant colors, resembling mobile graffiti walls.


Jeepneys do not have fixed stations but rather stop upon request. There are no bells for disembarking; passengers simply shout "para" when they want to get off. The fare can be negotiated but is generally very affordable. When it comes time to pay the fare, passengers can pass it on to the driver with the help of other passengers.


Gifted by Huang Shih-mo, Member, Overseas Community Affairs Council

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Railway Odyssey: Izu Kyuko Line Commemorative Badges-圖片

Railway Odyssey: Izu Kyuko Line Commemorative Badges

The Izu Peninsula, with its majestic mountains and winding coastline, is home to the Izu Kyuko Lin. It stretches through lush greenery, offering panoramic views of the sea and the earliest blooming cherry blossoms in Japan. Passengers take this line to access Izu's breathtaking mountain or ocean views, enjoying one of many gushing hot springs or sunny beaches.
Izu is a place of literary imagination. It is the location in which Yasunari Kawabata, the first Japanese author to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, based his fleeting and bittersweet love story akin to a passing train in Dancing Girl of Izu.


Gifted by Hiromi Tsukuda, Mayor of Ito
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Railway Odyssey: Specially Made Train-Shaped Shochu Bottles-圖片

Railway Odyssey: Specially Made Train-Shaped Shochu Bottles

These three trains in the picture are far from ordinary. Stepping inside any of them will leave you amazed. Private compartments, bars, observation rooms, libraries, and museums, they have it all. Moreover, the vintage interior of the cars is extravagant yet non-intrusive, meticulous like a five-star hotel yet full of character. From the ceiling to the floor and everything in between, you'll find the finest local hinoki and cedar wood adorned with elegant colors and intricate patterns.

Each of the three tourist trains has a unique style. The steam train on the left is the oldest active model, having traversed the foothills for over a century. The middle Kawasemi-Yamasemi train is the trendiest, adorned with local elements such as the kingfisher and the forests of Kuma. The "A Train" on the right highlights the beautiful scenery of Amakusa and offers a contemplative journey for adults.


Gifted by Kumamoto Prefectural Government
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Railway Odyssey: Taiwan Railways EMU900 Train Commemorative Wine-圖片

Railway Odyssey: Taiwan Railways EMU900 Train Commemorative Wine

The EMU900 series is revered as the "most beautiful local train." The beauty of the train is not only in its appearance but also in its thoughtful and warm design concepts. It features specially designated seats for pregnant women, with spacious areas next to the seating zone to securely park baby strollers, eliminating the need to place them in the crowded aisle. The number of wheelchair-accessible seats is also double that of previous iterations, and is located adjacent to the train attendant's room, ensuring prompt assistance for passengers with disabilities. The latest European-style bicycle racks have also been introduced, elevating the space altogether.
The EMU900 series inherits the "smiling face" design of its, with the headlights forming a gentle arc, resembling a radiant smile.


Gifted byDaewon Park, Managing Director, Hyundai Rotem Company, Taiwan Branch
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Skybound Adventure: Unarikun Doll-圖片

Skybound Adventure: Unarikun Doll

Many people may not know that the adorable mascot Unari-kun is a plane-shaped eel representing both the international airport and the eel specialty of Narita. Its tail is shaped like an airplane's empennage. What can be cuter than that?!
Narita Airport is Japan's largest international airport and is located near Tokyo, making it the first stop for most foreign visitors to Japan. 


Gifted by Kenji Sekine, Deputy Mayor of Narita
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Skybound Adventure: Japan Airlines Airplane Model-圖片

Skybound Adventure: Japan Airlines Airplane Model

In 2021, Japan was ravaged by COVID-19. Despite facing frequent and severe emergencies, Japan did not forget to lend a helping hand to Taiwan in a time of need, providing over 4.2 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Japan became Taiwan's largest vaccine donor, and Taiwan was Japan's largest donee.
Responsible for transporting the donations was Japan Airlines, the country's oldest airline and acclaimed as the world's best economy class.  


Gifted by Shoji Ishibashi Manager, JAL Narita Internatinal Airport Branch
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Skybound Adventure: Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner Model-圖片

Skybound Adventure: Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner Model

The name "Dreamliner" given to the Boeing 787 was the result of a 2003 online poll with half a million participants. "Dreamliner" triumphed over names like "Global Cruiser," "Strato Climber," and "eLiner" (where "e" stands for efficiency, environmentally friendly, and exceptional), officially becoming the designation for the 787 series.

Although the Boeing 787 has been around for more than a decade, it still soars at the forefront of the era. The aircraft extensively utilizes emerging composite materials instead of traditional aluminum alloys, eliminating issues like metal fatigue and corrosion and effectively extending the lifespan of the plane. Inside the cabin, humidity, air quality, and noise isolation are several times better than the plane's predecessors, allowing passengers to bid farewell to discomforts such as dizziness and nausea and enjoy their journey to the fullest.


Gifted by Randy Tinseth Randy Tinseth, Vice President of Marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes
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